Google's Mobile First Website Indexing

Google’s Mobile First Indexing

Google’s Mobile First Indexing Well, we have all know that it would come. With mobile usage taking the lead in online searching, Google has started sending notices to us on our websites that “Mobile First Indexing is Activated”. We have been mobile first design for some time now on all of our new builds. With our older builds, we have gone back and added AMP (accelerated mobile pages) versions of the pages that we wanted indexed on those site. If your website is more that a couple of years old, you may want to check the mobile version of it in the google search console (your web master can help… Read More

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Search Engine Optimized Agent Profiles

Agencies Dominate Search Result Listings with Individual Agent Profiles

Gain more Organic Search Result Links for your agency by stacking the deck with individual agent profile sites. Agent Profiles have 2 main benefits. They allow Agencies or Brokers to take up more links within the search engines, therefore increasing their odds of being chosen for product/service needs. Independent Agent Profiles add a great way for Agents themselves to step out of the pack and into the spotlight so to speak. Links Marketing is proud to offer Independent Agents of all types an affordable, cost effective way to compete in today’s ever changing online marketing. Real Estate, Insurance, Auto Sales, Marketing Agents, anyone that sells products or services for companies… Read More

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization – Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical to  being found by the near 70% of online searches of local products and services alike. When most people think of SEO or Search Engine Optimization, automatically, their website comes to mind. As optimizing your website is certainly a part of SEO and critical to being found by online searchers, it is truly only a fraction of what the bigger picture holds.  In the big picture of  Search Engine Optimization, the goal is to have your business, products, and/or services show up in front of relevant searchers anywhere and everywhere possible. Since people search online in so… Read More

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