Who owns your websites domain name?

Domain names are essentially owned by a governing body called ICANN. This organization sets forth the governing and use of domain names, so to speak. The definition they give to ownership of a domain name, is simply this… Whoever the official registrant listed of the domain name is, has ownership and the rights to that domain name. Now, understanding the definition that they apply, can prevent a lot of hassle down the road. At this time, we won’t even get into copyrights and all of those things. Let’s just keep the first stage simple.

It is important to ask yourself this question when it comes to the domain name process of your website.  Do I want to have full ownership and control over the domain name or is that something that is not a big deal to me?

Who Owns My Website’s Domain Name

More often than not, web development companies will simply register the domain names, build the sites, offer hosting, etc. as a full service option to the client. Initially, there is rarely any argument with this process from the client. In most cases, they wouldn’t know how to purchase and register a domain name anyway (it is easier than you think btw), so they just go with the flow. We have a lot to discuss, so let us get right to the point on this issue.

If you wish to OWN the domain name that is attached to your website, the best advice and the easiest solution that we can offer, is to find a Registrar online, set-up an account, and purchase the rights to that name in their domain name search. It really is that easy. There are several Registrars. Godaddy, Namecheap, etc. We personally prefer Godaddy due to their reputation and quality of customer service. If you would rather not go through the process, then you might instruct the web development company to set the process up for you. It may cost you a little more to do so but most will do it. If whether or not you own the domain name is not important to you, than you have the option of just going with the normal process. Just keep in mind that today, it may not matter to you as you are just now getting familiar with the fact that you have or will have a website. Later though, you may change your mind.

With that in mind, do what you feel works for you. Just know and understand the ins and outs of the details. In most cases, we have clients that don’t pay any attention to any of their online stuff and just have it to have it. For them, they don’t want to deal with the process of keeping up with it. Often, we will do a lease on the domain names, site, hosting, etc. due to at the time, they are not even sure if they want a website or if it will do them any good. We also deal with several small start up businesses that don’t even know if they will be in business for any certain amount of time or want to continue with the website over a long term period. For them, setting it up to where the company gets stuck with everything that comes along with it may be best. In most of these cases, we will throw in the cost of the domain name and not charge them for it. If later, they decide they want to own the domain name, they have that option as long as they are willing to cover the cost of it. After all, someone has had to pay for it up to that point and a company asking for those fees in order to transfer ownership might not be that unrealistic.

Who Owns My Website’s Domain Name

The best option for moving forward with your domain is to just register it yourself and then it’s a much simpler process all together. We do build and manage websites for clients that have a domain name secured in another account of their own somewhere. It is a simple process to set the domain name from where ever it is registered and connect it to the dns setting where ever the site is hosted. If you would like help with any of this or simply advice, we are not attorneys, but have a good understanding of the process.have additional questions, please feel free to contact us.

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In closing, do your research, asks questions, and make the best informed decisions possible.

Good luck with your online Journey

Chris Harger

Links Marketing


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